My Spring Vision Board

Hi design-loving friends! This past winter really hit hard - deep snows and crazy-low temps. I'm a warm weather loving gal, so I have to confess I've been biding my time. I'm craving springy colors, happy patterns, and an excuse to be outside in sunnies and sandals. I'm going to will these things into existence with my spring vision board. What decor direction are you moving in as the season changes?

1. When I pinned this tote bag to my vision board, the universe actually laughed and whispered "as IF you need another tote." But if I did, this would for sure be the one. It's adorable, fresh, and so my style. I fell in love with everything artist Molly Hatch has to offer. Maybe if I cleared my closet of a few older bags?????

2. Y'all, I bragged about my perfect vision for YEARS...and it's slipping away. I almost lost a game of Heads Up recently due to not being able to see the clues held up a few feet away. This was a big deal because I take game night very seriously. If I must get glasses, I want to go with an option that's actually cute. These from Warby Parker - the gold standard in trendy eyewear - could fit the bill. 

3. I've been really into portraits lately. Elizabeth Mayville captures them so well in her light-filled, eye-catching art.

4. New season, new kicks? These are the sweetest and they look comfy too. I'm picturing them with some soft mint-colored denim cuffed at the ankles.

5. I'm due for an iPhone upgrade, which coincidentally is the only way I could justify a new phone case. I am totally loving the color combo of this Kate Spade option, and the dimensionality makes it seem like your phone would be less likely to slip or get dropped.

6. I'm really drawn to patterns featuring swimmers. There's just something so whimsical about them, and the colors are usually right up my alley. I actually have a huge reserve of bookmarked aquatic art, but this piece is my current favorite. Everyone looks like they're having such fun, and it makes me smile.