One Room Challenge Week 3 - Art

It's the midway point of the One Room Challenge! I'm getting down to the nitty gritty...these snapshots may not be as pretty. Hey, I rhymed :) Actually, the objects are all pretty, but I'm sharing some progress snapshots with less than professional styling. My room looks like a home decor bomb went off. I'm also storing some items for an upcoming client install, so right now for example, I am dealing with an absurd number of lamps. Some friends have even suggested I consider "I love lamp" for a life slogan. So, what does that mean for the ORC? It means I have a lot of decorative accessories in mind, but I haven't placed any yet. The beauty of blog challenges is they evolve and change. What I'm showing you today may or may not make the final cut.

So, I mentioned that it all started with a pillow/comforter? Well, next my mind jumped to artwork. I've definitely been known to create whole rooms in the past around one piece of art. In this case I'll be keeping most of what I already have, like the abstract canvas I mentioned last time, but I want to add and move around other pieces to help create a new look. I feel in love with this massive HomeGoods piece below:


I'm obsessed with the way the gold paint catches the light, and I love that it brings a crisp shot of blue into the space. My one concern, when I hold it up on the wall, is that the background might be too "cream", since my comforter is very "white". However, my walls are taupe, and the mat and frame of this piece are white, so I think it will work. Here it is against my (messy) comforter and some current pillows.


I wanted another way to highlight the peach tones of my abstract canvas, and I found this guy at HomeGoods (Carla Schwartz' life -- unofficially sponsored by HomeGoodsTM). The colors are so perfect I literally cannot get over it. However, I'm a tiny bit worried that it's too "contemporary". As with most things in this room, I'll make a game day decision when it's all in place.


I also just acquired a few new small pieces: The modern floral canvas from GreenBox by KT Smail represents my tastes lately so well, and I've been wanting Janet Hill's gum-chewing Virginia's Vice for a long time.

I finally went for it, and now I'm looking for other subtle ways to incorporate animal print. I just impulse-bought a cuckoo bananas animal pattern lamp that is a major style stretch for me, but more on that in the coming weeks. I have a feeling my final space is going to me more of a fun "Palm Springs" vibe than the staid sophistication of my first mood board. With that in mind, I've been wanting to go a little more outside the box with my art choices. I found several prints at Urban Outfitters and Etsy that capture a "weirder" vibe...are you picking up what I'm putting down?

I look forward to your feedback as I continue on this project. Stay tuned for next week when I tackle what's been keeping me up at night: furniture placement and functionality. Xoxo!