One Room Challenge - Week 2 Master Bedroom Redo


Hey everyone! 

It's been a while since you've heard from me. I have so many new things to share!  I'm in the middle of majorly refreshing my master bedroom. It all started with a pillow (doesn't it always) and now I'm shaking things up in bigger ways with the room's overall look and feel. My motivation is the One Room Challenge, a linkup where bloggers around the world transform one space in their homes over 6 weeks. I'm jumping in a week late, but I've thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's progress so far. You can find links to all participants at Calling it Home. I've noticed things I wanted to change in my master for a long time, and this Challenge is the perfect excuse to do it in one cohesive swoop. I'll walk you through my thought processes the whole way, including what is changing, what is staying, functionality, and style direction.


So, this room is the largest bedroom I've ever had the privilege of owning. The wall color is Taupe Tease by Behr, a neutral that can vary from flesh to gray tones depending on the time of day. The room gets a decent amount of natural light through 2 large windows and a door to the patio. For privacy reasons, though, I usually keep the blinds closed. When I first moved in it looked like this:

Sun Aug 02 2015 01-15-33 GMT-0400.jpg

I used that wood Ikea bed about as long as it would last, and styled my room with a mix of vintage and modern pieces. It was the perfect chance to pull out my beloved DwellStudio Draper Stripe bedding, which can be overwhelming in smaller rooms or with less neutral walls. The coral and gray combo is a classic Dwell pattern that I splurged on during my first mid-century obsession. It's a strong but versatile look that I haven't used in every space I've lived, but built this room around. For accent furniture, I just used what I already had plus antiques from my grandma's house. As I spent longer in the home, my style crept more and more modern, clean and sophisticated- and less rustic. I lucked out in scoring an AMAZING marble and brass lamp from my grandma --they may not have known 60 years ago this would be such a hot trend. Since I'm a homeowner now and wanting to invest more in my space, I sprang for a tufted bed, definitely one of the more luxurious pieces I own. I paired it with a campaign-style nightstand from the Oh Joy for Target collection. I bought a variety of new pillows to complement my upholstered bed. Everything can be seen in the photo below.

Image from the amazing Gossett Photography

I think my color scheme can be best encapsulated in the abstract canvas to the right of my bed, possibly my favorite Home Goods find ever. That color scheme will stay and be the inspiration for my new room. 

Thu Dec 15 2016 16-08-44 GMT-0500.jpg

I was pretty happy with my overall look, but something felt a little stale and just short of finished. My few remaining vintage/rustic accents looked like they were hanging on without a place. Some of my inherited furniture pieces didn't make sense functionally (which I will get into in more detail in another post), and I was craving more pieces resembling my new nightstand. The weirdest quirk of my house is that there's no overhead lighting in the bedrooms. Relying on lamplight can cover everything in a warm, dusky haze, and to me, red bedding amplifies that. I've never been a huge red, warm-toned loving girl: I prefer to use red as accents in a cool-neutral palette. I chose the Draper Stripe color years ago because I lived in a rental with brownish walls that were too hard to change, and my blues weren't working. But in this space, the combo of the large red comforter and all the lamplight just made the room feel too glowy and not airy enough. My search began when I wanted to add an Otomi pattern in some way, maybe through textiles like this...


which led me to the discovery of the best bedding set ever, and the start of a whole new space!

Week 2- Inspiration, Textiles and The Design Plan

I have a superpower, in case you were wondering, and it's finding the best sales. I'm not a thrift-store guru, but I can wring thrift-store prices out of big retail stores. I happened upon my local Target during what I now realize are the most sacred few days of the year: they had just clearanced ALL Summer decor, but had not yet brought in the Fall styles, so the shelves were plentiful but EVERYTHING was discounted. When I saw the comforter set below, it spoke to the Otomi-loving part of my heart. No, it is not the same as the Mexican folk-inspired pattern, but I loved the unique variation of blues and the watercolor touches. 


I scored a full/queen set including 2 large shams for $20! So I reasoned that even if the pattern was overwhelming as a comforter, I could float the shams in my current bedding scheme, and/or turn down the comforter as a coverlet at the foot of the bed. I grabbed coral accent pillows for $10 each to liven things up, and when I got home I realized they went with both my existing and new bedding schemes. This was important to me--my Dwell bedding was an investment, and I don't want to be more of a duvet-hoarder than I already am. I want the ability to switch my room up from red to blue depending on my moods, and the furniture, artwork and accents need to complement both.


Some other goals for my space: more sophisticated lighting to replace my wobbly Ikea floor lamp, another white or light furniture piece, a more sophisticated chair than my wobbly plastic Ikea desk chair (are you sensing a theme), and accents to continue my color palette of blue, coral, pink, peach, and white. With that in mind, I created this mood board:


Check in with my next week to see my progress, with this board as my guide!