What I'm Reading: Wild in the Hollow

When I relaunched this blog, I wanted it to be a space that occasionally looks outside of interior design to the heart of life and faith. To that end, I'll be sharing books on my reading list that I've found thought-provoking. I'd love your recommendations, and to know what books and authors have made an impact in your life!

Wild in the Hollow is a memoir by blogger Amber C. Haines. A writer, wife and mother, Amber has wrestled through intense struggle and brokenness. Her family's story includes addiction, infidelity, and depression, but anyone can relate to the tension of living between doubt and joy. I applaud Amber for her refreshing and courageous honesty. To me, what sets her apart is her linguistic style: poetic, vivid and almost haunting. I'm picky about language and I normally like clear and straightforward prose, but I was captivated by Amber's lyrical voice. I could read this little book over and over and still pull new wisdom from it each time. I'll leave you with some of my favorite words, on the hope of suffering:

"To reject the shared suffering and sorrow with our Lord is to invite despair, and to walk as a burden bearer with him is to oppose despair. Sorrow is the very place that hope and joy intermingle, because without sorrow, there is no whisper of hope... I look back...and I see that my desire always followed my hope, the thing I thought would free me, and hope always propelled me forward. This time my hope was that my Jesus is a planter of good things, and that he was growing me towards him. Of all the desirous ones, he is most desirous of me."