Cover Style

Choosing a phone cover is a very serious task. After all, it's an opportunity to put a pattern that's perfectly "you" on something you carry at all times. Ok so maybe it's not so serious. It's actually a lot of fun. Basically, it's another flat surface to decorate and personalize, and who can resist that? My last case was this one from Isaac Mizrahi and it's been one of my all-time favorites.

In fact, as multiple people pointed out, it somehow coordinated perfectly with almost every piece of clothing I bought recently. It's no secret that I tend to gravitate toward specific patterns and color combos, and I've heard other designers say the same thing. So I decided to round up even more decorative choices in the same colorway. What's your cover style?

1.dress (I have this and I LOVE it); 2.pillow; 3.polish; 4.duvet; 5.rug;