My Dream Living Room

This Valentine’s, I want to tell you about my first love. He is endlessly and classically chic, yet comfortable and versatile. He’s luxurious, dare I say rich, but can be dressed up or down. He stands out, yet fits in anywhere. He is a tufted leather chesterfield sofa.


This 3 cushion version from Arhaus in whiskey leather is a perfect fit. I’ve wanted one of these bad boys as long as I can remember. They never go out of style and neither has my love. You really can blend them with any decor, and that’s why a chesterfield is part of my ideal living space. Today I’m showing you how I’d go all out to accessorize my dream room. My focus is glam and a little over the top (this is a fantasy after all), but in a buildable, eclectic way. I've added lots of art and accent pieces around the room, too. Click the pic to be taken to the Pinterest page with more info on the products.

 Tell me: what was your first furniture love?

Unexpected Stripes

I'm a sucker for anything striped. While hunting for coffee tables the other day, this West Elm stunner caught my eye for the interesting direction and pattern of the stripes.

I like that it's a little unexpected and outside the norm. This got me searching for more stripes in unexpected applications. Sometimes a different spin on a classic design helps make a piece feel more unique. Plus I'm big on anything that adds visual interest. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Kitchen Cuties

Lately I've been making small redecorating changes, and the kitchen is a great place to start. Adding a fun and functional piece on the countertop can liven up the whole room. I know my title is cheesy (no pun intended), but the kitchen pieces I've found are just too cute not to be shared.

Making Me Blush

Blush pink is everywhere--have you noticed? I'm thrilled with this trend as it's right up my alley. Blush has been going strong for a while and I think it has staying power. It seems to me that design today, in the age of Pinterest, is full of idea-sharing. This ensures exposure to a broad variety of styles, and inspiration for mixing aesthetics in fresh ways. One result is the incorporation of "new neutrals" that go way beyond beige as a backbone for cohesive color schemes. Today I'm sharing a few items that make be blush in a good way. 

5 Things I'm Loving

Happy weekend! Here are 5 things I'm loving this week.

I just got back from the April High Point Market in NC. It's basically like Disney World if your dream is miles on end of furniture showrooms. My feet are tired, but my mind is full from all I saw and learned. I have lots of stories and photos to share, in addition to what I've posted on Instagram. Look for updates here on the blog next week!

A few weeks ago I attended The Masters (the one preppy, southern thing my family does). The gift shop is a highlight and their swag gets better every year. Of course, I went straight for the home goods and they did not disappoint. I scored this beautiful watercolor coaster from a series inspired by the flowers on the course, and these awesome frosted glasses designed by Catstudio.

So this isn't really a love. Did anyone try the Caramelized Honey Latte at Starbucks? I wanted to but it disappeared after about two weeks. I'm obsessed with that flavor all-time favorite latte was a hazelnut+honey from a local shop in Tucker that's now closed (RIP Mighty Joe Espresso). I'm still searching for a suitable replacement, so let me know if you find one.

                                       Where did you go??

                                       Where did you go??

It's no secret that we live in the golden age of streaming television. We all have our go-to Netflix picks ready to share with friends, which I welcome. I just hardcore marathoned both seasons of Broadchurch and it.was.amazing. Highly, highly recommend.

I'm on Snapchat! Correction, I've been on Snapchat entertaining (or bugging) my friends with stories of my shopping trips and design installs. I finally realized that I need a public handle to share more of my work and what I blog about. Connect with me @cschwartzdesign



What I'm Reading: Wild in the Hollow

When I relaunched this blog, I wanted it to be a space that occasionally looks outside of interior design to the heart of life and faith. To that end, I'll be sharing books on my reading list that I've found thought-provoking. I'd love your recommendations, and to know what books and authors have made an impact in your life!

Wild in the Hollow is a memoir by blogger Amber C. Haines. A writer, wife and mother, Amber has wrestled through intense struggle and brokenness. Her family's story includes addiction, infidelity, and depression, but anyone can relate to the tension of living between doubt and joy. I applaud Amber for her refreshing and courageous honesty. To me, what sets her apart is her linguistic style: poetic, vivid and almost haunting. I'm picky about language and I normally like clear and straightforward prose, but I was captivated by Amber's lyrical voice. I could read this little book over and over and still pull new wisdom from it each time. I'll leave you with some of my favorite words, on the hope of suffering:

"To reject the shared suffering and sorrow with our Lord is to invite despair, and to walk as a burden bearer with him is to oppose despair. Sorrow is the very place that hope and joy intermingle, because without sorrow, there is no whisper of hope... I look back...and I see that my desire always followed my hope, the thing I thought would free me, and hope always propelled me forward. This time my hope was that my Jesus is a planter of good things, and that he was growing me towards him. Of all the desirous ones, he is most desirous of me."

Feeling Like Fresh Fruit

If you love interior design, you've probably noticed that pineapples are trending in a big way. In fact, after drafting this post, I opened my latest issue of Country Living and my suspicions were confirmed.

Beyond their fun shape, they're a symbol of hospitality, making them perfect to display in your home. But they're not the only happy colorful members of the fruit family.  I thought I would branch out and pull together my favorite pieces from across this food group for some seriously delectable decor.

Cover Style

Choosing a phone cover is a very serious task. After all, it's an opportunity to put a pattern that's perfectly "you" on something you carry at all times. Ok so maybe it's not so serious. It's actually a lot of fun. Basically, it's another flat surface to decorate and personalize, and who can resist that? My last case was this one from Isaac Mizrahi and it's been one of my all-time favorites.

In fact, as multiple people pointed out, it somehow coordinated perfectly with almost every piece of clothing I bought recently. It's no secret that I tend to gravitate toward specific patterns and color combos, and I've heard other designers say the same thing. So I decided to round up even more decorative choices in the same colorway. What's your cover style?

1.dress (I have this and I LOVE it); 2.pillow; 3.polish; 4.duvet; 5.rug;

Art Appreciation: Matte Stephens

A few years ago, I came across artist Matte Stephens through Design*Sponge, and I fell in love. I bookmarked his Etsy shop matteart, which I routinely check for new arrivals. Matte hits some of my design high notes: midcentury, clean, colorful and whimsical, with a fun retro vibe. A lot of what I gravitate to lately is overtly feminine and floral, but there's a distinct part of my brain that will always be dedicated to mod 50's flair. My first favorite Matte piece was "Adventurer's Club" pictured below. I want to buy it for a son's bedroom one day, but I can't exactly control the gender of any future children, so I'm sharing it because someone needs to put this in their kid's bedroom, stat.  

How fun is that? I've selected a few more that catch my eye, and I'd love to hear which prints you'd put in your home!

Fresh Pillows for Spring

I'm still on a springtime kick, making little updates with bright new decorative touches. Throw pillows are some of the easiest and most affordable options for changing the look of a room. Colorful, portable and comfortable, pillows can be addicting. I've rounded up my favorite choices for a quick shot of color in any space.

5 Things I'm Loving

Happy weekend! Here are 5 things I'm loving this week.

1. Every month I look forward to this adorable "What's in Season" infographic from Megan Roy & Garlic My Soul. I print it on cardstock and tack it to a bulletin board in my kitchen. (p.s. so excited strawberries are back in season!)

2. I haven't come across anyone who knows about Chip & Joanna and isn't obsessed with their work on "Fixer Upper". Gilly from the Colour Saturated Life wrote in detail on how to get the "Fixer Upper" look, and her blog post absolutely nails it. I couldn't agree more!

3. Forever 21 has an awesome selection of lightweight blanket scarves right now. I bought this one (it doesn't look like a blanket in the pic but trust me, it's huge) and me being me, I'm going to use it as a light throw in my living room instead of -or in addition to- a fashion accessory.

4. This DIY from The Pleated Poppy is an oldie but goodie. I've had it bookmarked forever, so I should try it soon! These garlands would be versatile for lots of different celebrations.

5. I might as well go ahead and confess to being a huge fan of the Bachelor franchise. I want to get my hands on Emily Maynard's book...both for her behind-the-scenes scoop and her honesty about finding identity in Christ and not in relationships.

On My Shopping List: LEIF

Over the years I've amassed a long list of go-to home decor shops. This comes after pounding the pavement and scouring the internet on seemingly endless searches. As time passed, several stood out from the pack with consistent quality and strong style points-of-view. Now I have my trusted favorites across different aesthetics and price points, both brick and mortar and online. I've found I'm a more efficient designer after knowing I can fall back on these reliable sources. I still enjoy the fun of shopping but without the wild goose chase!

One of these favorites is LEIF, a small online boutique out of Brooklyn. They feature a unique selection of decorative items and gifts, but what draws me in most is their color story. Everything in LEIF feels thoughtfully curated in the best colors. I just want to wrap myself up in the soft pastels. Below are my top picks of their current lineup. Shop for yourself and tell me your favorites!

1.cuff; 2.candle; 3. pillow; 4.platter; 5.towel; 6.runner

5 things I'm Loving

Happy weekend! Here are 5 things I'm loving this week.

1. I have a complete love affair with finding artists on Etsy. This tea towel from favorite Leah Duncan is high on my wish list

2. I also love discovering musical artists. Call it the thrill of the hunt from someone who hunts and gathers items for a living. Bear's Den is on heavy rotation for me lately.

3. This Mark Manson article on change is a helpful reminder that all good things take time. It's especially important this time of year, when New Year's Resolutions can get unrealistic or impossible to keep. (Warning: salty language, but I do love how Mark's advice is always so direct and practical.)


4. Inkstruck Studio delivers some insanely pretty digital freebies.

5. Speaking of free, Amazon offers a selection of free classic books for your Kindle.

Spring Organizing: To-Do Lists

A new season often inspires us to make changes and improvements in our daily lives. The spring cleaning urge is real...something about the blooming flowers and weather change makes us want to start fresh in our homes. As a visual person who gets distracted easily, to-do lists are super helpful.  I can physically write down and cross off everything on my agenda. Read on for a few of my favorites.

This Rifle Paper Co. notepad has long been a favorite of mine. I don't know why, but that zebra looks fun and I trust him. I should do what he says.

We use this printable from LBG Studio at work. I like the way it's divided into sections for all your different ideas and tasks.

How beautiful is this downloadable calendar and list pack from The Cottage Market? The font and styling are right up my alley, and I love that it offers multiple ways to stay organized.

Welcoming Spring

This weekend in Atlanta was beautifully sunny and warm, which had me dreaming of spring. I'm feeling carefree, because I've decided I won't have to be cold again until after Christmas (that's how it works, right?). To usher in the brightness and fresh starts of springtime, I've gathered a collection of lovely digital downloads, calendars, lists, charts, and other fun things to share. First, a uniquely modern take on a floral desktop background from  Oana Benefort. Enjoy!

No Regrets: Q&A a Day

I buy things for a living, and I come across so many items I want for myself. It can be hard to practice restraint! And sometimes I just want to road test all of the things I blog about. Through the years, I've landed several finds that I dub my "no regrets" purchases: pieces that prove their worth and become forever favorites.  

The first I want to share with you is the "Q&A a Day" journal. It asks you a different question every day of the year, with a few lines to write your answer each year over 5 years. The questions can be silly (when was the last time you ordered takeout?) to serious (what makes you miserable?).  I cannot recommend this journal enough. It's affordable, attractive, and easy to use. There are a few variations out now like "for moms" or "for couples" but I prefer the simple original version. It's fascinating to look back over 5 years of your life and see how you answers change (or don't change!). I think it's so much easier to track your memories this way than trying to regularly use a blank journal. With the Q&A a Day, the questions are prompted for you and you only have to write a few lines, yet the end result is really insightful and thought-provoking. 

I'll be honest, there are a lot of blanks in my first journal. I'm not too hard on myself about it though -- it's an accurate reflection of my personality and my life at the time. However, I want to commit to using it daily in the future. I debated just filling in the blanks of my old journal, but I think I want to start over with a fresh new one and watch the next 5 years unfold. Will you join me?

5 Things I'm Loving

Happy weekend! Here are 5 things I'm loving this week.

1. I want to line every drawer in my home with Rifle gift wrap sheets

2. I finally signed up for and I don't know why I didn't do it years ago. My friends will be happy to not see the red dot showing 13 million unread emails on my phone.

3. I loved Star Wars! What about you? (I'm a little behind on discussing this.) I didn't have any expectations other than that it would be better than the prequels. The reviews are interesting and very mixed.

4. Charley Harper prints are so cool. They'd be perfect for a hip and modern kids' room. This website is an amazing resource for his licensed products.

5.  I'm really into the look of the handmade, hammered jewelry from local Atlanta line Avindy.

Small Pieces/Big Impact: Metallics

I think my favorite part of home styling is accessorizing with small unique objects. These finishing touches are workhorses that tie together your overall look. My eye usually gravitates toward the most visually interesting thing in a room, not necessarily the largest or splashiest. I've gathered a selection of small pieces that will pack a big style punch. This time I'm focusing on metallics. The hint of gleam will only add a layer of chic impact!

1.Terrarium- World Market; 2.Heart- Hobby Lobby; 3.Bookends- Target; 4.Coasters- West Elm; 5.Vase-Kate Spade; 6.Urchins- DwellStudio



5 Things I'm Loving

Happy Friday! Here are 5 things I'm loving this week.

1.  Target is color forecasting, and I'm picking up what they're putting down...


2.  My 2016 wall calendar makes me happy. It's the perfect style for my bedroom!

3.  Speaking of floral arrangements, I'm excited to flex my creative muscles and try a new hobby for the new year with the instructions from my Christmas gift.


4.  A healthy meal plan from one of my favorite food blogs sounds like a great way to get back on track after the holidays.

5.  Tracee Ellis Ross is one of those celebrities that I'm best friends with in my imagination. I bookmarked this interview a few months back because of her insightful and empowering take on perfectionism.

Tracee Ellis Ross. Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Tracee Ellis Ross. Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images